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Inner Wheel District 1 is the most northern of the 29 Districts that make up the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in GB&I. It covers most of the north and east of Scotland. There are 24 clubs in the District with around 750 members. All clubs have a formal meeting each month with social and fund raising activities during the month. None of the clubs meet formally in July and August.


A message from our  District Chairman,  Mary Berstan


 They say all things come to those who wait. And we have certainly waited: waited for jabs, waited to see family and friends and we are still waiting to hear when we can meet face-to-face in our clubs to share in the fun and fellowship of Inner Wheel.

 But waiting has a positive side as well; waiting for the right moment to contact     someone who simply needs to speak; waiting for the right words to express what we are thinking; and allowing time to reflect and plan ahead – and change everything to suit the changing times.

 So, I have been planning what I should write here!

 I’ve enjoyed my 12 years as a member in my own club at Banff and as a “volunteer” at District Level.   I look forward to my year as District Chair and hope during my term of office that together we can enjoy the service, fun and fellowship we have come to expect from Inner Wheel.

All of us in Inner Wheel are volunteers and there is no such expression as “just a member” because without enthusiastic members no organisation can survive.  So,to all those who think of themselves as “just a member” remember that we are all in this together and no member is less important than any other and together we can achieve so much more.

          Yours in Friendship,            



                                 Handover of the District Chairman’s regalia took place  on a beautiful summer day in June —                                 the first time any of the District Executive  had been able to meet in person for over  15 months



 Hand Over Day of Association Presidents

at Warwick Square in London  

 Association Immediate Past President Enid Law

handing over the chain of office to our new

Association President Betty Roberts



During the various lockdowns, and in line with the varying COVID19 restrictions, members have  participated in socially distanced activites - meeting up in small numbers  where and when they can  - in gardens, poly tunnels, going for walks or meeting for coffee.   












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Spring 2021

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